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29.10.2014: In wenigen Tagen: everRun® Enterprise 7.2 Release

Disaster Recovery and new high availability software options to complete the solution


everRun 7.2 is coming soon. The release is the culmination of our next generation Software Defined Availability platform and provides you with a single platform for all of your availability needs.

Key new capabilities of this release include:

Disaster Recovery
Our integrated, add-on disaster recovery (DR) feature is achieved with snapshotting technology for offsite WAN connecting target machines for quick recovery after a primary site becomes unavailable.

The Stratus One View Console
This centralized time savings management tool enables you to monitor and manage everRun instances, including DR configurations, across multiple deployments.  With One View, you can build, designate and deploy servers and Virtual Machines.

everRun® Express
Stratus has added everRun Express to our product portfolio. This downtime prevention software product, with all the same features as everRun Enterprise, is designed for applications that require protection but lack the need for full stateful data protection. Now you can serve the needs of more applications with two availability solutions and get all your availability needs from one company.

Increased Capacity and Ease of Use Administration Features
We’ve added support for up to 24 VMs, expanded disk size and increased volume support as well as a host of easy to use administration features such as PVM exporting and Active Directory Support to name a few. 

This new release provides you with the ability to position and sell the industry leading SDA product into solutions with different sizing and pricing needs. For more information, please contact your sales representative.