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From practice for practice

The rapid economic and technological development makes extreme demands on the uniformity and availability of your business processes. Globalization at all levels leads to complex, heterogeneous structures - with sometimes devastating impact on IT platforms and supported processes.

Dolphin - Strategy

Cooperation, Flexibility and Intelligence

Dudley Lynch and Paul Kordis developed in the U.S. in the 90s a management theory, now licensed by Brain Technologies Corporation of Gainesville Florida,  which is based on the behavior of different marine animals.

Certain properties that are attributed to these animals are projected to companies and organizations to categorize their behavior.

In essence, it is for example that dolphins change their behavior in the team if they do not reach their aim with the old practice.

The strategy is based on this:

  • Cooperation,

  • Flexibility and

  • Intelligence.

All colleagues of DIVENTUS GmbH working on these principles to our mutual success, we call it: Winner - Winner - Winner - Situation.